Hallo, I'm Iris ( Mu-Yu Lin ) 

Since moving to the Netherlands, many people have asked me, what is Taiwanese culture?

This serie of paintings " Taiwan Vibes" presents the Taiwanese culture I have seen.

Sometimes the prejudices are so strong, and people can't see the image that match their prejudices, resulting in the inability to appreciate the local culture. 

In a world of free speech, it's normal to have each's own opinion.

I sincerely hope Taiwan Vibes open the discussion about Taiwanese culture, so that Taiwan image becomes more and more visible internationally.

Taiwan Vibes _ Longshan temple serie

Monga Game boys Acrylic30 x 24 cm  €160
Monga is an old name of Wanhua district in Taipei. Due to the large number of elderly people, it can be called the oldest city in Taiwan. It feels like an open-air nursing house. I totally immerse myself in the charm of this area in Taipei.
Sushi-ya Acrylic80 x 60 cm420
This Japanese restaurant was introduced by local friends in Wanhua, and I saw a group of people filming at that time. The food only locals know.
Street food Acrylic24 x 30 cm160
The bustling street scene is the Taiwanese atmosphere that I miss the most after living in the Netherlands.
Sexy ladies on the motorcycle Watercolour24 x 30 cm160
Flowers in a dark alley.
Seducing street Acrylic30 x 30 cm180
A crossing road where men are easily approached.
Right here waiting水彩22 x 30 cm160
I was deeply impressed that the store owner did not shy to ask the ladies how their business was going.
Hair salonAcrylic50 x 60 cm€330 
Old fashioned beauty salon.
Yakitori Café & BristroAcrylic60 x 60 cm€360 
Young people's area.
Homeless guy
Acrylic30 x 30 cm180
Homeless people have bathrooms, pets, beds, belongings, and the nearest MRT. 
Nine days Café
Acrylic24 x 30 cm160
Sitting in the open-air Café. Suddenly, the old people came to together to gamble. 
Herbs Tea shopAcrylic24 x 30 cm160
Dynasty storeAcrylic80 x 60 cm420



Hair salon大致用色塊定位後 ,再用線條勾勒出形體
Yakitori Café & Bristro質感是需要層層堆疊的
Jewelry store.沒完畫就賣出的作品也不錯
Nine days Café限定四色以內,增加統合感
Sexy ladies on the motorcycle第一層水彩,失去作畫的信心,失志了一個星期
Herbs Tea shop忽大忽小的草稿苦腦透視中
Sushi-ya畫完線又把線蓋掉 那不就白畫了嗎 」請問不畫線要怎麼上色,進行下一步人生都不要做白工的話那就準備好一事無成吧

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